Student Welfare Committee


Role : The SWC is responsible to:

1.Academic Counselling

Academic counseling is provided through the Deanery of Student Activities and Welfare.


Light meals and snacks are available in the College cafeteria from 7.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Students are not allowed to take any food or drinks into the classrooms, laboratories or library.

3.Social Activities

Activities include social and religious symposia, lectures and educational meetings. Orientation meetings and graduation ceremonies are organized annually.

4.Student Scientific Societies

The student scientific societies aim to develop students’ academic and cultural skills and knowledge by providing seminars, exhibitions and academic lectures inside and outside the College. Each society issues a periodic health and education publication. Membership is open to all staff and students.


There is no student housing in the College. However, PAAET provides housing for both male and female students, according to the regulations of the Deanery of Student Activities and Welfare and the places available.

Frequency of meetings: Twice in a Semester.

Student Welfare Committee Members

S.NoNameDesignationStatus of the Person
1Dr. B ArundhatiPrincipalChair Person
2Mr.B.Dinesh ReddyHOD-CSEMember
4Dr.Rambabu SarimallaHOD-MEMember
6Mrs.R.Uma MaheswariHOD-ECMMember
7Dr.T.SatyaguruHOD-BS & HMember


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