Library Committee


Role : The LC is responsible to:

  1. Prepare the list of text books/Journals to be purchased for the current academic year.
  2. Prepare yearly budget for Library and send recommendations to management.
  3. Conduct at least two meetings at the beginning of every semester to review the performance of all library procedures.
  4. Review and enhance digital library resources.
  5. Guide the librarian in the overall functioning of the central library – both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Frequency of meetings: Once in a Semester / on Demand Basis

Committee For Student Grievances

S.NoNameDesignationStatus of the Person
1Dr. B ArundhatiPrincipalChair Person
2Dr. A Naga JyothiDean AcademicsMember
3Dr. Ch. Hari Govinda RaoDean – IQACMember
4Mr M. PadmakarHoD CIVILMember
5Dr P .SekharHoD-EEEMember
6Dr R.RambabuHoD-MEMember
7Dr Murali KrishnaHoD-ECEMember
8Mr Dinesh ReddyHoD-CSEMember
9Dr B.PrasadHoD-ITMember
10Dr UmamaheswariHoD-ECMMember
11Mr Dinesh ReddyHoD-AIDSMember
12Dr P RameshHoD – MBAMember
13Dr B.PrasadHOD-MCAMember
14Dr Satya GuruHoD- BSHMember
15Mr. T. VivekStudent Representative, SACMember
16Mr V Srinivasa RaoLibrarianMember
17Dr. K Venkata RaoDean Infrastructure and LibraryMember Secretary


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