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About ECE Dept

The Department of ECE at Vignan’s IIT has been active in teaching and research since its inception in 2002. The department has 39 faculty members with Ph.D. and M.Tech from prestigious institutions like IIT’s, NIT’s and other reputed institutes. The Department of ECE offers four-year under-graduate program in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) department imparts knowledge in Electronics Engineering including Microprocessor System, VLSI Technology etc., and order of the day communication techniques.

The economic development is based on the technological development of the country. The country is progressing economically as there is an abundant technological development for which ECE department is contributing and generating top-level technocrats required for the country.

ECE department faculty and technicians are qualified to meet the above requirements. The department is well equipped to train the young engineers in Electronics, Microprocessors, Micro-controllers, VLSI Technologies and Communication engineering. We adopt the latest innovative teaching and learning techniques to train ECE students at VIIT.

Wishing the ECE students of VIIT a successful carrier and serve the country for economic growth and making the country technologically strong.

HOD's Message

Welcome to the department of ECE. Our department has started its journey along with the institute in the year 2002 and since then we have been growing because we were never hesitant in implementing Innovative techniques in both teaching and learning. Our faculty members have a distinguished Research record and excellent academic credentials with which we received the Centre of Excellence.

Every year our Department organizes the “Project Expo” event with numerous unparalleled events, which provides a platform for the students to exhibit their innovations and solutions for the problems of social relevance. Our Graduates are now Entrepreneurs, senior members in good reputed organizations. We are encouraged by receiving positive feedback from the alumni and stockholders for the system we follow.

DR.K.Murali Krishna
HOD of ECE Dept.


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